Banned UPND Sunday rallies in Livingstone in pictures

Banned UPND Sunday rallies in Livingstone in pictures

hh1UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has called upon the people of Livingstone not to vote for PF candidate Lawrence Evans because they will invite a curse upon themselves.

Speaking when he addressed two mammoth rallies in Livingstone’s Dambwa and Zambezi wards to drum up support for UPND candidate Regina Musokotwane, Mr. Hichilema urged voters not to vote for Lawrence Evans because he will bring disaster and misery to Livingstone.


HH in Lozi Msinsi before addressing second mass rally at Zambezi Basic School

Both rallies had been cancelled by the police but UPND went ahead with the meetings because the police ban on political rallies was against the electoral code of conduct.

And Mr. Hichilema accused president Michael Sata and the PF of separating the people of Zambia through the promotion of tribal politics.


HH introduces officials

“Mr. Sata is a selfish president this country has ever had and the people of Zambia made a big mistake in electing him. How can you have president who is jealous of his own people. Am a better person for the job than Mr. Sata who lied to the people that he would provide money and jobs which are none existence. People of Livingstone, am asking you not to allow yourself to be cheated again by the PF,” he said.


William Banda addresses the rally

He said the people of Zambia put a wrong person in State House who has broken all the campaign promises he made during the 2011 elections.

“Mr. Sata should be told that the people of Livingstone cannot be cheated again. PF is a party full of liars,” he charged.

He said Sata is like a big bull that runs away from a small bull in reference to himself.


Dante Saunder flashes red beret against Sata

He said Sata wanted to be president of Zambia yet he has no plans on how to develop the country.

On the Barotseland Agreement Mr. Hakainde accused the PF government of cheating the people that they were going to deliver it but have failed and instead sent soldiers and fighter planes to scare them.

He lashed out at Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo for campaigning on tribal politics adding that her actions are tantamount to insulting the people hence they should not vote for PF.

Mr. Hichilema who received 308 defectors from PF and MMD described Ms. Masebo as a disgraceful woman.

“UPND is not a tribal political party, it is for all Zambians. We don’t want a single political party to dominate the politics in the country and create a one party state,” he said.

And UPND elections chairperson Ackson Sejani has charged that Kabwata MP Given Lubinda has been fired from government by president Sata not because of any offence committed but because of pure victimisation and luck of respect for other people.

And political activist Dante Saunders flashed a red card to the PF government saying its high time the current regime was removed from power through an impeachment of Mr. Sata.

He also accused Mr. Sata of failing to fulfil the election promises.

“We should show him the red card now and not tomorrow. Sata has gone too far, he is now looking at individuals’ bank accounts, which is not right. How can you have a president like that,” he said.


Livingstone salutes HH

He also called on Southern Province Police Commissioner to work professionally and not take partisan stances of supporting the PF.

“Charity Katanga, this country does not belong to PF and Sata, Fred Mmembe, Mtembo Nchito, Dante Saunders or Hakainde Hichilema but to all Zambians. You cannot stop people from exercising their right to assemble and express themselves,” he said.

At the conclusion of the  two days successful public rallies, Mr. Hichilema was convinced that his party will win both Livingstone and Mpongwe constituency by elections.


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