UPND supporters must defend themselves

The burning of houses by PF supporters and the brutality against UPND supporters is thuggery and stupid behavior of the lowest order and is lower than that of animals. UPND leadership has unnecessarily held back for months. Some of us had advised that since Lungu wants to make the Country lawless and ungovernable, they should meet him at his game…. They didn’t. The result was people were killed and seriously injured while UPND continued to call for calm.
Today they have started to burn houses and beating people who supported the opposition.
The gentleman approach by HH is far removed from the reality of what this situation demands…
There is no Police service in Zambia for the opposition anymore and if they keep smiling at PF while they plug out their eyes, their members will pay a big price and many will lose lives.
It is not good leadership to keep yourselves well protected and keep telling your members who are dying to keep calm.
UPND must now call upon their members to defend themselves. They should move in groups and need to fight back as the senseless and visionless party cadres try to brutalize them.
Reason is not a language that the PF understands…This is from the Highest to the Lowest. Violence is their way of life and unless they adapt to this and fight, UPND wont survive. Bullies only scatter when a David stands up to Fight!!!
Concerned Citizen

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