UPND supporters taken to court on false charges

UPND supporters taken to court on false charges

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More than two hundred police officers from Kanfinsa have been deployed at Kasama Magistrate Court and the surrounding areas to watch over 28 UPND members appearing for plea before Kasama Magistrate Court.

The UPND freedom fighters were picked from their vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba’s home by Northern province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso after he jumped over the wall fence and broke into the house.

Police arrested and charged the UPND supporters with Assault,malicious damage,conduct likely to cause breach of peace and being found in possession of offensive weapons.

Police transferred the detainees to Luwingu Police station where GBM paid them a visit and warned police to remain professional in the manner they handled them during their time in detention.

They were brought to Lubasenshi yesterday in readiness for their appearance in court today.

Armed Kamfinsa police in riot gear were right at court and the sorrounding a clear indicator that this is a high profile case.

Trucks of Kamfinsa police arrived in Kasama on a mission to deal with UPND runningmate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Earlier this morning Kapeso was drilling with Kamfinsa police at Shop-rite in an attempt to intimidate the public .

The accused freedom fighters were taken into court around lunch hour to be told what they are charged with.

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