UPND takes Bill 10 to court

UPND takes Bill 10 to court

Bill 10: The UPND has done a checkmate on PF

They have gone to court seeking answers on why the Government didn’t go to Parliament to seek permission before contracting its debt since the enchantment of the new constitution in 2016. What’s their rationale? One of the constitutional provisions being discussed under Bill 10 has to do with debt contraction. Therefore, the UPND presented this summon to the speaker that they cannot discuss matters which are currently in court especially and following the ConCourt’s ruling that the speaker violated the constitution when he declared the Roan seat vacant when the matter was still in Court.

As the Minister of health and his counterparts were busy addressing the nation and the UPND MPs were busy doing a roll call before HH could address the press, Dipak Patel and his lawyers were busy in court. So the matter of bill 10 has been put on hold as the Speaker goes to his chambers to study the matter and thereby make a ruling on the matter.
Mwamba Peni

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  • comment-avatar
    Lucas 2 weeks ago

    Under pf we have known what lawlessness is. They even go against the wish of the masses

  • comment-avatar
    BembaMan 2 weeks ago

    Mr. Speaker please go ahead and discuss Bill 10. These under 5s have no 3r sense…

    • comment-avatar
      Daniel 2 weeks ago

      Wishful thinking by desperate PF carders. Living in hypocrisy as usual. You cannot bulldoze your way in everything or else you will be committing atrocities that will follow you to the grave.

    • comment-avatar
      Banda 2 weeks ago

      Remember the Concourt ruled that the speaker acted beyond his powers on a matter which was before the courts of law when he nullified ba Kambwili’seat.

      This time around the cadres are expecting the speaker to behave like a cadre again over bill 10.

      This panic and desperation over bill 10 is worrying.

      Will the enactment of bill 10 into law reduce the prices of essential goods and services? Such as mealie meal, electricity, fertiliser, rentals? If not, why are the PF cadres losing sleep over this matter?

      Even some of us who havent been to good schools know that there is an aggressive hidden agenda in this bill 10.

      Let us concentrate on finding the gassers, fighting COVID-19 and improve our economy. B