UPND teaches Mulenga Sata a lesson

UPND teaches Mulenga Sata a lesson


Emmanuel Chilekwa
21 December 21

Politicians, like footballers must have MANAGERS. It appears they get lost in puffed up self ego thinking “they’re happening” when fact is they are spent forces.

Case of Mulenga Sata. How could he even think of REDEFECTING back to UPND and on same day, he goes into primary elections (at Ward level) for vacant Kabwata Constituency by election parliamentary seat only to get *ONE* vote from the 5 wards in the Constituency? Good lesson. Message to him us: ” _uko kwine ba mishiba, kuno Balboa ilyauma._ ” And that’s how Mulenga Sata has been shunted to the very last position out of …. candidates

Indeed, UPND has taught him a good lesson. So he thinks he can just change jerseys today and go to cruise over those who have been suffering for the UPND party?

All the while, Mulenga was enjoying in the former ruling party PF only under four months ago. Now he decided to jump ship and surpass all the bonafide UPND party stalwarts? No ways.

Since 1991, only one Felix Mutati has been able to make winning moves (defections) as he has been in every government since then- MMD, PF and now UPND. Unlike Mulemga, Murati knows when to cross the floor. He should have the sharpest political binoculars todate. He’s on the quieter side but more tactical in placing himself in pole position even among the sharpest politicians.

As for Mulenfa Sara, I congratulate the 5 UPND wards in Kabwata. This is how to teach political pendulums who stand for nothing. This young man has ditched his father’s party twice in 5 years.

I certainly believe Mulenfa is now on his way to wipe himself out if political relevance, purely, for lack of vision and stability even the chips are down. You can’t eat your cake and still have it.

Going forward, not until people like my son Kalani Muchima , Mubita Nawa and the like have enjoyed the 5 years of being in the control seat should they think of looking at Mulenga as a Councillor.

Ni masobela aya. Atase!!!

*Results of UPND Kabwata Constituency Primary Primary Elections : Candidate Adoption Process*

The following are the combined results of the 5 wards and constituency body of the UPND Kabwata primary elections which are part of the process to identify the candidate who’s going to contest as Kabwata MP in the forthcoming 20 January 2022 by-election.

1. Andrew Tayengwa – 103
2. Mike Mulabe – 47
3. Sulwe Issac Hamuchele – 21
4. Mutinta Mazoka – 19
5. Chilekwa Munkonge – 16
6. Msaiwale Mlewa – 5
7. Royd Chibonta – 4
8. Sibeso Banda – 4
9. Dr. Bob Sakahilu – 3
10. Ackim Moono – 2
11. Felix Kayeyi – 1
12. Henry Chibutu – 1
13. Mulenga Sata – 1

*Ward level Election Summary Statistics:*

Total valid votes cast: 227
Total eligible voters (electoral college): 264
Rejected votes: 1
Voter turnout: 86%

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