UPND threatens to organise countrywide demos over Kabimba corruption

UPND deputy secretary general Edwin Simusamba has written to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to justify the reason why the have abandoned investigations against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba when they did not even interview him.
In a letter to ACC Director General dated 19th April Mr Simusamba said the party would start countrywide demonstrations if the ACC fails to adquately give reasons for their actions.
“It is public knowledge that on October 08 2012, ACC held a press conference addressed by Mr Timoth Moono at which the Commission informed the nation that they had received official complaint concerning the alleged corrupt acts of Wynter Kabimba. The Commission furtger pledged to keep the nation informed,” reads Mr Simusamba’s letter dated April 18.
Mr Simusamba said it was public knowledge that the ACC had failed to interview the Justice minister as he had turned out with cadres the day he was supposed to have been interviewed.
He said while PResident Sata had indicated that he was allegic to corruption, the actions of the ACC where not in line with this pronouncment.
He said failure to give adquate explanation, the opposition party would embark on countrywide protests begining with provincial centres.
The letter was delivered to ACC director on Thursday April 18.
Last week, the ACC announced at a media briefing that they had stopped investigations against Mr Kabimba and his defence counterpart GB Mwamba for lack of substaintial evidence against the allegations.

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