UPND to back any pact candidate in 2011

The United Party for National Development  says it will go into the 2011 general elections as  a pact with PF regardless of who will be the presidential candidate.

UPND Mazabuka central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo has been quoted by QFM radio saying no attempt by the MMD leadership to break the UPND/PF pact will succeed because the members have agreed to work under any of the two pact leaders.

Nkombo has further disclosed that the UPND/PF pact will next Saturday be officially launched.
Nkombo said  it is a shame that the MMD cannot understand the fact that the two biggest opposition political parties deliberately formed a pact in order to bring to an end the ruling party’s grip on power.
Nkombo was reacting to the statement by president Rupiah Banda that United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has now agreed to be vice-president of the UPND/ PF Pact.

And UPND vice president Richard Kapita has asked President Rupiah Banda desist from trying to be the PF/UP ND pact Spokesperson.
Mr Kapita says the pact has not yet agreed on who is going to be president or vice president contrary to president Banda’s claims.
He says the pact has able spokespersons who are capable of giving out accurate information to the public concerning the pact.
Mr. Kapita says the PF and the UPND adopted a Memorandum of Understanding where they agreed to work at their own pace as a pact.
He has reiterated that the MMD are panicking, adding the pact has made them uncomfortable at all times.

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