UPND to exhaust all local avenues

All local and civil avenues to be exhausted first…




We wish to remind our UPND members countrywide that the failure by the HIGH court not to proceed with the UPND application to seek a conservatory relief to restrain Edgar Lungu from being sworn has not been thrown out per se.


However it has just been ruled that the HIGH court has no jurisdiction or power to hear the matter.The high court judge instead directed that such a matter could only be heard at the supreme court.


This means on appeal, the application will be heard at the supreme court.


Justice mambilima is one of the JUDGES  at the supreme court. In addition to that she’s the president of the female judges in Africa and was awarded best female judge in Africa.


So all is not lost. While many of us feel all is lost and have lost hope, it must be put on record that UPND lawyers are still in constitutional court on Monday at 11.30hrs before judge mungeni in a matter in which UPND SOUGHT AN interim relief to interpret certain clauses in the constitution.


The interpretation of the constitution in relation to the human rights will in a way be used as a basis to check the constitutional court earlier decision.


Remember, a decision made under procedural impropriety is null and void.


Some of you feel once Edgar is sworn in then we have to forget about our fight to freedom.


we wish to state that its not the case.Edgar Lungu is still and will still be under the law and not above the law.


It is important to point out that surprises will cripple many of you come next week.


we urge you to continue praying for our gallant lawyers.



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