UPND to find solutions to Kafue once in office-HH

HH addressing a rally in Kafue

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema says the troubled Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) will be restructured when his party forms government in 2011.

Addressing a rally at Matanda ground in Kafue town last week, Hichilema pledged to revamp operations of the country’s fertilizer manufacturing plant.

He said because of lack of respect for the people of Kafue, MMD has allowed NCZ accumulate rust all over; simply say the ruling party has neglected the plant.

He cautioned residents not to be deceived by government’s maneuvers of offering the plant contracts to supply fertilizer as a way of showing commitment to its people during campaign periods.

“We want come 2011, to restructure NCZ and create permanent solutions, nichamene tifuna icho noti ati bakaona ati election ili pafupi bapasa ka contract mwasebenza pan’gono mwaenda ku nyumba mwankala. After 2011 mwaba votela bataba, mwasala muvutika, baana bavutika. Mwanamiwa ntau yaikulu…if you are suffering it means Hakainde is also suffering that why we want change. (That’s what we want, not when they (MMD) see that elections are nearing, they offer you (NCZ) a contract to supply fertilizer, you work a bit and thereafter go back to your homes to sit and do nothing. After voting for them (MMD) in 2011, you will continue suffering, your children too will be suffering……… you’ve been cheated for a long time)”, he said.

At the same rally, Hichilema urged residents of Kafue to get National Registration Cards (NRCs) and register as voters during the voters registration exercise scheduled to commence on 21st June 2010, and prepare themselves for an early election.
“We know that Rupiah intends to call for an early election in May or there about next year so that you are caught unaware”, he said.

The opposition leader also told the crowd that he will take back to court cases that were corruptly stopped by the MMD government when his Party forms government in 2011

He said everyone who has committed crimes against the people of Zambia and are temporarily protected by the MMD government and should be ready to appear in court again.

Hichilema also said that if he stole any money from the Zambian government at the time of privatization he would have been arrested a long time ago.

He said those who have been convicted but are let loose by the corrupt MMD government must be prepared to cook nshima in prison in 2011.

“Imulandu tauboli, nawaleta mulandu sunu watiya nkambo uli mu mfulumende (cases do not rot, if you commit a crime today and run you away because you are in government) after you’re out they’ll follow you because the case does not rot, that’s what it means. All cases that were corruptly stopped will be taken back to the courts of law. Change is here, there is nothing George (George Kunda, vice president) and Rupiah (President Banda) can do to stop it”, he said.

“If I stole they (MMD) would have arrested me a long time ago because that is there business…arresting innocent citizens, people with divergent views. They are selling Zamtel corruptly ……….If your friend has cattle and you say I want to steal and be like Hakainde, uzamangiwa (you’ll be arrested) you go ahead and sale Zamtel corruptly because someone else has money you will be arrested, if you’re not arrested now, come 2011, you’ll be arrested, uzapika jele (You’ll be jailed). He said amid applause from the listening public.
He cautioned people that if they don’t work together to foster the change they want in 2011 MMD will steal their vote like they did in 2001 when Mazoka (UPND founding president, Anderson Mazoka) won the election.

Before the rally in Chanyanya, an unidentified pastor prayed and asked God to protect Hichilema from death and political enemies so that he goes to state house and redeem the suffering Zambian’s.

In Chanyanya, Hichilema said MMD is responsible for all maternal deaths in the area due to pathetic roads.
On land that has been allegedly grabbed by pro-MMD investors in the area, Hichilema instructed the area councilor defend the plight of the locals.

“Where is the councilor, he’s here ooh yes, councilor you see all these people (pointing at the crowd) these people are your masters listen to them, don’t be corrupted by MMD officials who are in the habit of offering bribes (giving salt, sugar, buns & money) to people who voted for you”, he warned.

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