UPND to give Kambwili solidarity at police

UPND to give Kambwili solidarity at police


The UPND is mobilizing it’s members to escort PF Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili to the police station tomorrow.

Police have ordered Kambwili to report to Luanshya police station tomorrow ‘for investigation’.

But the UPND say Kambwili will not go alone but will be escorted by multitudes just like UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was escorted to Ndola police last week.

The police did not say what exactly they are investigating but MP Kambwili already exposed home affairs minister Steven Kapyongo’s maneuvers to have him arrested for treason.

Two days ago, Kambwili unearthed a plan by police to arrest him and charge him with treason following his meeting with AVIC International workers at his home in Luanshya.

Kambwili said he had received an intelligence report that President Edgar Lungu had instructed home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo to arrest him and consequently charge him with treason and unlawful assembly. He told Kampyongo that it was not treasonable to address grieving workers in his constituency.
But when Kambwili called Kampyongo to inform him that he was aware of his meeting with Zambia Police Inspector general and other senior officers at his office, the minister could neither agree nor deny the allegation.

Kampyongo instead threatened to deal with Kambwili for playing with ‘his’ projects. He warned Kambwili not to be a coward if he did not know what he had put himself into by playing with his projects that were important for youths.

“Don’t be so much of a coward if you don’t know what you are doing. I will teach a lesson if you start playing with my projects. Those projects you are playing with, you know how important they are to our people,” Kampyongo said to Kambwili in a telephone dialogue.

On Saturday, AVIC International workers protested over inhumane conditions of service and low wages, among other things.

After addressing the workers, Kambwili said the country had an absentee President.

He said with many challenges the nation was facing, it was as though the country was on autopilot.

He said there was no President in Zambia and what was in State House was a figurehead.

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