UPND to go ahead with another rally in Lstone today, Sata runs away from area

UPND to go ahead with another rally in Lstone today, Sata runs away from area

hiUPND will today Sunday hold another public rally in Livingstone’s Zambezi ward with or without a police permit.

The party notified the police who gave a go ahead but later after the UPND successfully rally in Maramba, a Zambia Police officer named Mr. Zimba called the party saying they should never hold another rally in Livingstone.

The Maramba rally yesterday was also cancelled but UPND went ahead with the meeting that was held at the same time as president Michael Sata’s rented crowd at Villa grounds.

It is not clear why the police wants to cancel the rally because Mr. Sata, who was the reason for cancelling the UPND campaign rallies in the area, has since runaway from Livingstone opting to try his lucky in Mpongwe this afternoon.

This afternoon’s UPND rally in Zambezi ward will also be addressed by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema who has camped for heated campaigns in the area.

Mr. Sata was initially supposed to spend a night in Livingstone against medical advice and was scheduled to hold another rally today but suddenly changed his mind and left the area soon after the Villa grounds rally without any reasons.

During his brief appearance at the rally that had crowds including cadres from Lusaka, President Sata said he was not going to promise people anything, adding that it was their choice to vote for a party that will bring development.

He noted that Southern Province could have developed more than it was now but because of the opposition MPs, the area was facing challenges in terms of development.

Mr Sata said former United Party for National Development (UPND) MP, Rev Howard Sikwela, resigned because he had difficulties to work with government while in the opposition.

“The opposition parties will come and tell you that they will bring development, but what kind of development did Mr. Sikwela bring as an opposition MP? It is like a man without a wife cheating people that he has children but fails to produce one,” said Mr. Sata.

“And this is why we have problems to bring even things like a university in an area where we have an opposition MP because that MP will brag that he has brought development,” he added.

“I want to appeal to you to give us Mr. Lawrence and we will show you
that we will deliver development here,” said Mr. Sata.

“They (opposition) will tell you that we have not fulfilled our promise but we have created 50,000 jobs, we have created Zimba, Pemba; we are constructing roads, and we will bring more development here if you give us an MP,” Mr Sata assured the residents.

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