UPND to go ahead with Kitwe rallies

UPND to go ahead with Kitwe rallies

** Everyone will be wearing a mask

The UPND will go ahead and hold its rally on the Copperbelt on Saturday though Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said officers will not hesitate to stop any gathering that will abrogate coronavirus guidelines.

President Edgar Lungu yesterday directed the police and the Ministry of Health to enforce COVID-19 regulations and guidelines without fear or favour.

But UPND chairperson for elections Gary Nkombo said in an interview yesterday that they will hold their rallies under the new normal.

Mr Nkombo said the Patriotic Front (PF) decided not to hold rallies because it is unable to attract crowds like the UPND.

“We will hold the rallies under the new normal,’ Nkombo said

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  • comment-avatar
    chance 3 weeks ago

    how much does a mask cost compared to how much these same ministers have been ditching out to attract political supporters?

  • comment-avatar
    Paul Simbeye 3 weeks ago

    Much as people would want to campaign during political rallies it should be not be done on the expense of peoples lives. Massive and gigantic political gathering should at the moment,, not be entertained in Zambia.Please, please, leaders don’t expose your electorates to such dangers at this era of COVID-19 – corona-virus associated period.
    So UPND, please cancel that rally and resort to other means of communication.

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    Ngoma Yamaano 3 weeks ago

    Does the Ministry of Health (MoH) have capacity to provide masks to citizens attending political campaigns? If not, then the MoH should not expect all citizens to wear masks during political campaigns. When the MoH in liaison with ECZ developed COVID prevention guidelines during political campaigns, the MoH should have budgeted for provision of facilities and services during political campaigns to ensure citizens participating adhere to these MoH and ECZ agreed guidelines. MoH and ECZ should not expect political parties to shoulder expenses on guidelines without any support from MoH and ECZ. When will public institutions take their responsibilities of providing public services expected from them by citizens?

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    When the first few cases of Covid-19 were reported in February/March of 2020, UPND President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA was the first to demand for a lockdown from ECL and the PF government. Now that cases of Covid-19 are on the upswing, the UPND is insisting on holding Covid-19 super-spreading rallies. At least, we now know that HH was not sincere last year when he demanded for a lockdown. He was praying for the economic situation to worsen so he could blame it on ECL. Now, because he wants to campaign, HH and his UPND are saying they are going ahead with their rallies. I did not know UPND is such a self-centred political party!