UPND to hold appreciation rally in Mpongwe, believes won the election – Siakalima

UPND to hold appreciation rally in Mpongwe, believes won the election – Siakalima

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The police intimidating voters during voting in Mpongwe

Special advisor to the UPND Presient, Douglas Syakalima has bemoaned the degenerated state of affairs in the nation, he says people have been subjected to the worst form of abuse in the history of the country but he remains optimistic “time will catch up with the perpetrators of these crminal activities and when that time comes they will run like rats.”

And Syakalima says despite the electoral fraud that the PF was involved in during the Mpongwe bye-elections which saw Gabriel Namulambe win, his party will hold an appreciation rally to thank the people of Mpongwe for having voted for UPND candidate Rapson Chilufya, who was robbed of victory.

Syakalima was making his reflections in a phone interview in view of the brutal police actions that his party has been exposed to in the recent past where accusations of death have all been levelled on the UPND including the recent arrests following the death of Monze PF secretary Harrison Chanda which have all ended in nolle prosequi.

Syakalima insists Henry lungu, the killer of Chanda is a PF cadre and no police hallucinations by Katanga will change the status. “Lungu is not our member, we have a data base for our members and he does not appaer anywhere in our structures, it is them  (PF) who use their famous donchi kubeba system, so they have been doing donchi kubeba on each other,” he said.

He accused Inspector general of police Stella libongani, her deputy Dr. Solomon Jere and Southern Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga of bringing the police to ridicule. “Katanga, Libongani and Jere are have all and collectively brought the standing of the police into disrepute, but one day they will have to account for their actions for crimes against humanity, they may think that they will hide under the cover of obeying orders but these are unlawful orders,” he said.

The UPND strongman also warned that PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba and his propagandist Fred M’membe the editor of the Post newspaper will run like rats when Sata leaves office. “If by luck God keeps Sata up to 2016 and he leaves office, he may be enjoying immunity, but these poor fellows will have to face the full wrath of the law, M’membe was a pretender to be voice of the voiceless but due to love of money he has led his paper into compromise and in the long run committed crimes,”  he said.

The Post newspaper, once known to be a very vibrant and sharp mouth piece for the voiceless in the nation has ben seen by many observers to have been reduced to a mouth piece of the ruling PF.

Meanwhile Syakalima says the UPND holds the people of Mpongwe so dear to the party’s heart and party president Hakainde Hichilema will be going back to hold a rally to thank them because in as far as the party is concerned Chilufya won the election. “If yopu look at the so called margins amid intimidation and violence acts where our candidate had his house burnt, it shows that come 2016, the PF will not be a factor in that election, we thank the people of Mpongwe for displaying maturity and even namulambe knows it so well that he did not win that election, as soon as we are done with the Livingstone bye election, we will be there to say thank you,” said Sykalima.

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