UPND to proceed with Kitwe protests

UPND  to proceed with Kitwe protests

The UPND will go ahead with their demonstrations in Kitwe tomorrow as scheduled despite police resistance.
The UPND on November 14 wrote to Kitwe Police officer-in-charge notifying them of its intention to hold a peaceful demonstration.

But the police rejected the notification by UPND claiming that the UPND did not adhere to the 7 days notification as required by the Public Order Act. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, PF thugs led by their provincial youth chairman Nathan Chanda held solidarity protest in favour of Chinese investors without even notifying the police.
In denying the UPND their right, the police in Kitwe said the information which has been circulated on social media to cause disturbances countrywide when Hakainde Hichilema is summoned to Ndola is therefore a security threat.

According to the police, the other reason is that a demonstration against ZAFFICO shares will lead into causing another riot ‘since the case for the rioters who were apprehended is still before the court. This may also send false alarm thereby leading to rioting.”
The police also said that on this day they will be busy.
But the Watchdog had been informed that the UPND will go ahead with the protests as police are just making excuses to protect their PF pay masters.

The UPND will demonstrate against:
(1) the intentions by the PF government to list ZAFFICO on the Lusaka Stock Exchange.
(2) The perceived support by the PF of the poor working conditions and slave wages which most Chinese investors are subjecting the Zambians working for them to.
(3) The harsh economic challenges the Zambian youths are going through because of the bad economic policies made by the PF government.

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