UPND to pursue Chiluba’s cases

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has vowed to take back to court former President Frederick Chiluba for the corruption cases it says he has been dubiously been cleared of by the MMD government.
UPND Vice President, Richard Kapita, told QFM that the UPND will ensure Dr. Chiluba faces justice no matter how long it takes because the party is convinced that Dr. Chiluba stole from the Zambian people.

Mr. Kapita says it is not by coincidence that Dr. Chiluba’s aides are the only ones who have been found guilty of corruption, adding that there is therefore no way the Second Republican President can be found innocent.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kapita has advised Dr. Chiluba to keep quiet on his alleged dubious acquittal, saying he should instead sit down to reflect on the wrongs he committed.

He says Dr. Chiluba should be the last person to talk about these matters because he is at the centre of the whole episode.

Mr. Kapita adds that Dr. Chiluba remains a thief in the eyes of the Zambian people no matter how smart he might try to play his game.

Dr. Chiluba recently said he was genuinely smiling following the Lusaka High Court ruling on the London Judgment.

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