UPND to throw welcome party for prodigal son Miyutu

The opposition UPND plans to throw a big party for their prodigal son, former Deputy minister of Sports, Chinga Miyutu who discarded president Michael Sata’s luxurious government position in order to strengthen democracy in the country by being an opposition back-bencher again.

UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe confirmed that the party will have no problems welcoming Mr. Miyutu who has realized that what he did was wrong.

Mr. Chibwe said unlike others who were insulting the party and claiming to be popular ready to defend their seats under PF, Miyutu never uttered any disparaging remarks against the party even when he accepted the PF government position.

Sensing danger of losing his seat after the results of the last by-elections, especially with more than 12 high profile candidates already in full campaign gear in his constituency, Miyutu caught the intelligence and security wings by surprise when he abruptly quit his ministerial position and revert back to the UPND.

As expected, Fuckson Shamenda, who is acting Information Minister, in place of Kennedy Sakeni currently in India for medication welcomed the resignation of Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Chinga Miyutu, saying he might have been under pressure from his party, the UPND.
Shamenda said in Lusaka yesterday that the resignation is unfortunate.
“But he is not irreplaceable, so he will be replaced,” Mr Shamenda said.
“When one ditches the government, there will be another one who will be willing to work with Government,” he said.

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