UPND treachery and Matibini’s stupidity

We can’t believe that UPND MPS remained seated on their asses in parliament when that stupid man Patrick Matibini was intimidating their colleagues in MMD.

What did the UPND MPs hope to achieve by siding with PF in that manner?

Patrick Matibini, the PF speaker on Wednesday was intimidating elected MMD MPs from debating freely in parliament.

His reasoning was that they are not discussing substantive issues as presented to parliament by President Michael Sata.

Substantive issues?  Is Patrick Matibini normal? Which substantive issues? Sata presented silly and childish jokes to parliament. And MPs reserve the right to respond to those jokes.

We all saw Sata behaving like Ukwa in parliament. Whatever he said was not serious. And then, Matibini and fellow PF cadres distribute a speech to MPS saying it is what the MPs should debate.

But that speech was not presented to parliament. That is why Michael Kaingu shredded the rubbish.

You can’t have the president sit there and utter joke after joke when people are expecting to hear policy guidelines, then you want MPs to discuss something that was not presented in parliament.

And then when the MPs want to express their displeasure at the lack of seriousness by the person who was elected to lead Zambia, you have a speaker behaving like a second wife.

Why is Matibini behaving as if he is on his monthly periods whenever an opposition MP wants to criticise Sata?

Why doesn’t he want people’s representatives to air their disappointments with the way this country is being governed?

What is wrong with Matibini? Is this the same Matibini who was a High Court Judge? If he is, then it says a lot about the calibre of our judicial officers.

We are sure even Matibini’s children are embarrassed and ashamed of him.

They may be finding it difficult to tell their schoolmates that ‘my father is the speaker’, because one would ask them if by speaker they mean that low-life who uses his powers to stifle debate in parliament.

It is a shame for a lawyer to sink so low just to make sure he has a salary. But then, we all know Matibini was imposed as speaker for such purposes.

And then you have those characters from UPND. When MP Kabinga Pande was denied the right to debate freely in parliament, MMD MPs protested by walking out.

Now, walking out may not be very effective, but at least it is symbolic. It is a statement of protest.

We expected UPND MPs to show solidarity by walking out with the MMD.

But there they were seated and blinking like pregnant goats and looking lost.

But their mere remaining in their seats defeated the purpose of the MMD. It worked for the PF.

Don’t these fat MPs know that next time it will be them? Or do they think that Matibini will allow them to say what they want against Sata?

What will they do when MMD refuses to show solidarity with them next time?

It was treachery of the highest order for the UPND to refuse to support their colleagues in a genuine cause like that one.

That action by the UPND breeds suspicions in the opposition and the PF is very happy with that. They know the opposition cannot stand together.

But we are very happy with MP Michael Kaingu. He did well to tear apart that speech which was not presented to parliament.

And next time please, MMD MPs, don’t walk out. Stay inside the building and disrupt the proceedings.

That way you will make your point other than going for fresh air outside. That tricky has been tried before and did not produce required results.

Just be there and tear the speeches at once and boo the Speaker.

Let them come and arrest you from inside. But they will have known that you mean business. Leave the treacherous UPND to seat there and watch.

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