UPND urges small bored men at State House to grow up

The following write-up was posted on UPND Facebook fan page:
“It is a foolish dog, that barks at a flying plane – Bob Marley.” People that are bored, have strange ways of showing it. We all know that PF is doing nothing. This is a party that behaves like an animal that chases a vehicle when it cannot drive it.

If Sata and his ministers were busy, they would not waste time name calling and spend less or no time on issues. We have a lot of issues and matters that need attention, but Sata and his Government would rather send inexperienced men like George Chella to issue statements. Not only are those statements badly written, but they lack content and substance too. These statements lack decorum. We would not have taken issue with their lack of decorum, but when the content is also not there, we have an issue with that. Serious Presidents have dedicated speech writers, experienced people, who write speeches and statements fitting certain occasions. Well delivered speeches and statements are not by accident, they are deliberately planned to have the desired effect. George Chellah was a junior reporter, who depended on sound bytes to write his stories, so he cannot generate statements that generate inspiration.

HH raised issues of 8 year Presidential terms, corruption in oil procurement, instead of just denying the statement, State House or George Chellah decides to call HH a lot of names. Who is really in Government here? The level of maturity in state house and the entire PF is worrying. It is not inspiring, it is sub-standard. Here is a President that has never had a Press Conference in almost 2 years. Here is a President who is leading Ministers that contradict each other all the time; do they even have cabinet meetings?

The PF needs to mature into a Government. The PF needs to start inspiring us all. They should silence us by behaving like adults and delivering not surviving on plans left behind by MMD. By their own admission, through Miles Sampa, the PF said 90 days was a gimmick. Granted it was a gimmick, some believed it, we didn’t believe it, it’s time they started delivering surely. Prices are going up, cost of living is going up, but they are behaving as though Hakainde is the most important thing to have ever happened to this country. You are in Government ladies and gentlemen, we know you have capacity constraints, because all professionals are not willing to work with you because of your casual approach to governance. You do not inspire confidence, people don’t feel secure as a result you end up with capacity constraints.

PF grow up and stop throwing tantrums at the slightest criticism. You are not accountable to Hakainde, you are accountable to us the people of Zambia. You have 3 years before we reach 2016.

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