UPND warns PF against tampering with Lukashya votes


United Party for National Development Lukashya Parliamentary Candidate Davies Mulenga has warned against anyone that will play tricks or use violence to disturb his campaign and the voters during the voting day.

Mr Mulenga appealed to residents in Kapanda village not to give away their registration and voters cards to anyone as that would defranchise them from choosing the candidate of their choice.

“ You have been cheated and they have continued to tell you lies , look at how undeveloped Lukashya is to the extent that expectant mothers deliver in wheel-barrows while children have no schools to go, now is the time to usher in a candidate that will trtghfully deliver the development you need,” said Mr Mulenga

He also urged the voters to remain strong and defend themselves should cadres try to intimidate and stop them from voting on that day.

“ Voting is your right and the weapons you have are the National Registration Card and the the Voters cards never, never give them away, go and vote then protect the vote, I will be there with you we shall not tolerate any tricks never,” said Mr Mulenga



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