UPND welcomes new members, says will introduce fuel, food subsidies

UPND welcomes new members, says will introduce fuel, food subsidies

IMG_1402[1] IMG_1411[1] IMG_1418[1] IMG_1422[1]UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango says her party will as a matter of urgency re-introduce the  maize and fuel subsidies once they form government in 2016.

And the former deputy speaker of the National Assembly says she has forgiven the young people  who looked up to President Michael Sata but had now realized that the 2011 promises were all lies.

Ms Nalumango was speaking in Kabwe on Sunday March 16, 2014 when she kicked off card renewal exercise in the Central province.

Ms Nalumango bemoaned the level of suffering in the country and says her party will reintroduce maize and fuel subsidies which the PF government has grabbed from the ordinary Zambians.

Speaking at Green Inn, in Kabwe at the occasion where she also welcomed 190 new members who had defected from the MMD and PF to join the UPND, Nalumango said her party was prepared to form government in 2016 and already had plans on how they are going to run the agriculture and financial sectors unlike the PF who have allowed the dollar to be in nose diving mode.

She disputed lies and propaganda that UPND was a tribal party for Tongas because herself she was Bemba from Kaputa.

She also asked people not to trust the PF who had proven to be liars in all the promises and cited the 90 days constitution making process, the firing of nurses and the unemployment levels as some of the major lies the PF were associated with.

And speaking on behalf of the group, Chibwe Besa a former councilor in MMD reign who was one of the defectors said they had realised that the journey to serve and develop Zambia had reached a brick wall fence and could not continue serving under their parties but saw hope in the UPND.

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