UPND will transform Zambia

UPND will transform Zambia

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Presidential Spokesperson

<C> orruption Free – The wealth of this country belongs to all of us. We will make sure no one takes the lions share for themselves.

<H> ard Work – President Hakainde Hichilema grew up as a shepherd boy. All he ever knew and has ever known is hard work. Our people are hardworking, and our government will do the same.

<A> ccountability – When its working well, we did it together. When its not working well, ITS NOT GLOBAL, WE WILL FIX IT

<N> ational Unity – We are all one people; never again must we allow anyone to divide us.

<G> ood Governance – Strong Institutions are the bedrock of Democracy. That is how we intend to govern.

<E> conomic Transformarion – We will deliver the most rapid and radical economic transformation this country has ever witnessed.


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