UPND will transform Zambia

UPND will transform Zambia

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Presidential Spokesperson

<C> orruption Free – The wealth of this country belongs to all of us. We will make sure no one takes the lions share for themselves.

<H> ard Work – President Hakainde Hichilema grew up as a shepherd boy. All he ever knew and has ever known is hard work. Our people are hardworking, and our government will do the same.

<A> ccountability – When its working well, we did it together. When its not working well, ITS NOT GLOBAL, WE WILL FIX IT

<N> ational Unity – We are all one people; never again must we allow anyone to divide us.

<G> ood Governance – Strong Institutions are the bedrock of Democracy. That is how we intend to govern.

<E> conomic Transformarion – We will deliver the most rapid and radical economic transformation this country has ever witnessed.


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    Bo Munyenge2,
    You must donate both your testicles. Don’t be selfish. If you’re that confident that a corrupt Govt will return. Don’t take us Zambians for granted. We are sick and tired of open day corruption practiced by PF, with no impunity as it seems
    to start from the top. Enough is enough. It’s not about tribes. Keep your tribalism within your own home and don’t preach that to your kids (if you have any) as it’s unZambian. God bless our Zambia if PF returns as it can only do so by rigging it once more.

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    Munene 1 day ago

    Useless post from a thief called ant intoni Bwalya.

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    Out of 10, 6 are thieves. Now their cousins have also joined ukulya mwibala. The sidelining of other tribes from public appointments is just for thieving purposes, not merit. Who can be interested in a nonfunctional testicle anyway?

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    You Pee and Dee 2 days ago

    The two of you Bo munyenge and E.Mukuka you look like pipe dreams yourselves. And for Bo muns dont make promises you cant keep. Remember Frank Mutubila at one point promised to chop off his finger if Zambia lost a certain football game some time back. We lost and the whole country was on him looking for his finger. Now for you a testicle, oval, round or hexagon shaped ..ARE YOU SURE…its an atmosphere of change in the diaspora.

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    E. Mukuka 2 days ago

    Correct Bo Munyenge Munyenge, Upnd wins elections on social media. Can’t they see that they can’t win whatever they do? They want to come revenge against the Northeners and Easterners. Politics is about numbers not being tribally inclined. Upnd is typically Tonga party, and they think they can win and victimize the Northerners and Easterners. But these two groupings put together are 10 times bigger than the Tongas. And they blame Lungu for appointing PSs from the North and the East. I have just retired from government, the situation in the public service is that most civil servants who are Tonga, Lozi, Lenje, Lunda, Luvale don’t like Lungu, they want Hichilema, so even their tour of duty is not trustworthy. They even go as far as giving confidential information to Upnd. So how can Lungu trust such officers and promote them to strategic positions in the government? Its difficult. But Sammy Hichilema winning is out! Its a Pipedream.

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      Blessy muyaano 14 hours ago

      Let’s not involve our cultures in our political disputes…no Tongas what!! Ehh Easterners what !!….is that even a thing? Base your arguments on your weaknesses not being tribalists and causing division among citizens like that will clear our debts.. If the current government can’t fix things why not give chance to HH for the sake of the innocent citizens..a true leader supports the potential of another and learns from it so that things are done better and differently next time … Let’s put our differences aside and work together for once because that’s all we need to do right now ..all we need right now is unity. Look at Mr Obama.. He was the best president but yet put his ego aside and let another rule.. I guess he believed that was the best thing to do… Let the 5 YEARS for correcting mistakes and growing through them

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    Bo MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 2 days ago

    information reaching me is that come august 2021 UPND is kissing the ground again.HH kuwayawayafye.Infintu ni Lungu and If UPND wins elections come august 2021 i will cut off my right testicle and donate it to CBU Medical school.

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      Break News 2 days ago

      A South African inquiry into corruption during former president Jacob Zuma’s time in office will ask the constitutional court to impose a jail term on Zuma, after he defied the court’s order to appear before the inquiry on Monday.
      Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who leads the inquiry, said the inquiry would seek an order that Zuma was in contempt of court, adding that it would be up to the constitutional court to decide what actions it deemed appropriate.

    • comment-avatar
      Buck Teeth Lungu 1 day ago

      You do not have any balls. You are an emasculated and shallow airhead.