UPND will unite this country again

UPND will unite this country again

By: Anthony Bwalya

I am an example of the UPND’s value systems of love, diversity, peaceful coexistence and respect for all forms of life, and the profound belief that we are all created equal under and by one God.

These are value systems that President Hakainde Hichilema holds solemnly dear and actively seeks to reinforce, as our country and its people seeks to lift ourselves from a place of violent social and economic neglect and destitution post 2021.

Our children are hearing and listening to the everyday bigotry, tribal hatred, racism, unbiblical dehumanizing and divisive TRIBAL sentiment which has now become commonplace at public gatherings hosted by the PATRIOTIC FRONT.

And if we the Zambian people will fail to come together and REJECT the toxic, selfserving agenda of the PF and its leadership, anchored on stiring and entrenching TRIBAL DIVISIONS in our country, our children and theirs, may never have the privilege of living in a united Zambia.

As citizens, especially those of you friends within the PF, your legacy rests in defending our cherished and shared value systems, including but not limited to, TRIBAL IDENTITIES.

You cannot claim to be a proud Zambian, a Christian for that matter, and yet watch in convenient silence while your political establishment, the PF, openly attack other tribes in our land for political expediency – especially the open tribal warfare being waged against the TONGA people of Southern Province.

You are silent because you are benefitting, and stand to benefit from this uncultured fashion of doing politics.

The Zambia we want post 2021 will be built and anchored on our God given diversity and ordained peaceful coexistence. And anyone, or indeed any POLITICAL PARTY, who will want to campaign for either election or REELECTION, as the case is for the PF, on decimating our shared diversity and peaceful coexistence, must never be allowed to come anywhere close to the mantle of po

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