UPND wins Baluba ward in Kasama central, GBM over the moon

UPND wins Baluba ward in Kasama central, GBM over the moon

UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba has posted the following on his facebook:GBM-joins-dancers1

My Friends

I am now confirming that Bululu Ward in the Kasama Central Constituency had been taken by the UPND candidate Mr Mutale Kabwe. Our candidate got 781 whereas the PF candidate got 587

Collegues this is just but a dress rehearsal for the main event to be announced soon by the ECZ.

UPND has entered PF’s bedroom and it is time to separate the Men from the Boys.

We await the contender and he surely ought to come prepared because they will be humiliated beyond recognition.

Let me also refer to the threats that have been made on the pending arrests to the opposition members. I strongly remind those making these threats that they are missing a point. In any democratic dispensation like ours, and during elections its expected that there will be victors and the vanquished.
What has happened in Bululu ward in my constituency is the beginning of the real game. Just accept that you have been defeated straight and fair. The violence is actually perpetrated by their cadres who travelled from as far as Lusaka. I will not be intimidated by those threats.

This is it. From hereon its Go Go Forward with UPND and HH.

Northern power here we come. 2016 is in our sights.

Good night and we continue the liberating of our dear country.

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