UPND won’t support persecution of RB or Sata’s tribal agenda, says Senanga MP

UPND won’t support persecution of RB or Sata’s tribal agenda, says Senanga MP

UNITED Party for National Development  (UPND) Member of Parliament for Senanga in Western Province, Likando Mufalali has said the UPND will not support a vote on the  removal of immunity for former Republican president Rupiah Banda if it is taken to Parliament based on vengeance.

Speaking at a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mufalali described the Patriotic Front (PF) as a party bent on vengeance, adding that UPND would not support any witch-hunt.

Mr Mufalali, who is also UPND national youth chairperson said UPND would only support the lifting of Mr Banda’s immunity depending on reasons that would be given for taking the matter to the House.

“Anything brought to the House based on personal vendetta, we  will  not  support them,” he said.

He condemned the PF for what he termed as nepotism, tribalism and vengeance in the last 20 days of the party’s being in power.

“We are saddened to witness the worst family tree Cabinet 47 years after independence. About 11 ministers out of the 19 or 20 that are there are from the same province and that shows that there is serious nepotism in the PF Government,” Mr Mufalali said.

He called on President Michael Sata to stop firing professional civil servants who had nothing to do with the MMD’s defeat in the September 20 general elections.

He cited the recent sacking of Zesco directors and senior managers as well as other top officials and said that was not fair.

Meanwhile, UPND youths have called on the PF Government to ensure a good and people-driven Constitution which would also include the 50 per cent plus one clause in order to realise meaningful national development.

Mr Mufalali said UPND youths also wanted the Government to ensure that the Constitution included a clause to make the vice-president a running mate of the president.

He said youths in the Hakainde Hichilema party were looking forward to a good Constitution from the PF Government within 90 days in line with the promise made to the electorate.

The UPND youth also demanded that a committee of experts that would be constituted for the purpose of the constitution-making process be inclusive of all interest groups in the country.

Mr Mufalali said UPND youths were not happy about The Post’s continued attacks on Mr Hichilema.

He said Mr Hichilema, like any Zambian, had a constitutional right to associate with anybody, including immediate former president Rupiah Banda.

Mr. Mufalali further accused President Sata’s of practicing regionalism adding that plans create a tenth Province to be called Muchinga are aimed at pushing development in Northern Province at the expense of other parts of the country.

Mufalali also noted that most road construction projects announced in the parliament speech by the president are in his tribal region.

He said that the decisions that President Sata has made so far are questionable and that Zambians must brace themselves for more surprises from the PF government.

Earlier, UPND national youth coordinator Brian Hapunda described Mr Sata’s address to the national assembly last Friday as a “promissory note that lacked realism” and was only good for the eyes.

Mr Hapunda said UPND youths felt that the president’s speech did not highlight the benefits to the young people who voted for President Sata and the PF in the just-ended election.

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