UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe collapses after police torture

UPND youth leader Mwanakampwe collapses after police torture


Incarcerated UPND Central province youth leader Milner Mwanakampwe on Sunday collapsed twice after being beaten by PF cadres clad in police uniform but he has been denied medical services and has not been charged eleven days from the day he was abducted from his SDA church in Kabwe.

In spite of the brutality he has suffered at the hands of the PF police, Mwanakampwe has remained in high spirits and has continued to preach love, forgiveness and unity in his various police cells where he is being moved from one police station to another. He has been denied police bond and is being held under the state of emergency declared by Edgar Lungu. Lungu is using known PF intelligence officers, Hamweene, Mpazi Mbita and Arthur Shonga to persecute Mwanakampwe and these are the same officers involved in all UPND members persecutions including that of party president Hakainde Hichilema.

Police sources who pleaded for anonymity said that Mwanakampwe was earlier planned to be slapped with non bailable trumped up charges of murder and conspiracy to commit a felony and quickly rush him to court for plea then take him to a filthy jail for prolonged detention but they back peddled after this publication exposed their ill plans and have now ended up keeping him for many days without any formal charges.

“You guys were really fast and smart because you pre emptied the evil plans of the police so now they cannot charge him with those offences but will just have to keep him. The other thing is that even after being tortured and collapsing twice on Sunday when he was being moved from one police cell to another to elude the family, he has remained resolved and preaching love, unity and forgiveness among inmates. He looks so strong amidst persuction but we hope he will soon be released,” said the source.

After being released from prison, Hichilema demanded for the release of all his supporters who are detained in various detention facilities for trumped up charges. He charged that his release was meaningless if his members remain detained in jail and would rather go back to jail.

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