UPND youth wing is ‘dead’

UPND youth wing is ‘dead’

Dear editor,

When one looks at what’s happening in the country, clearly the UPND being the largest opposition political party would have been on top things by now as an alternative government.

But sadly, they seem to have lost the steam at all levels, especially the none existing youth WING.

Whoever is the UPND National Youth Chairperson, if at all the party has one, must be a damn coward and completely dead.

We have never seen or heard anything from this so called UPND National Youth Chairperson.

By now, the UPND youth wings in all the provinces would have kept the Zambia Police very busy on the ground.

What stops them from applying for notifications to hold demonstrations on the various issues affecting citizens?

Yes being very stupid, Zambia Police would have been refusing to grant them with permits but that’s how politics work please.

So far the planned dialogue is not going anywhere and PF are in high gear organizing themselves for the 2021 elections.

But with a well organised UPND youth wings, they should daily be protesting outside the Electoral Commission of Zambia because in its current state, ECZ cannot deliver a transparent and credible electoral process that can change the current regime.

Ba UPND please Zambians are looking up to you and HH but you are also sleeping.

Let Essau Chulu be forcefully removed from there and demand for meaningful electoral reforms that can install confidence in citizens.

If UPND thinks these PF thugs who have stolen so much can easily relinquish power because of economic problems, then forget.

Donald Mwape

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