UPND youths block thug attempting to harm GBM in jail

A vicious  PF cadre from Kasama  popularly known as Fisher on Saturday  sneaked into Lusaka central police with the aim of harming UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM), according to UPND media team.
But alert UPND youths spotted him as he headed to the cells while police looked as though all was well.
He pleaded with the youths that he wanted to ask for forgiveness for the wrong things he has done to GBM.
Fisher has always led the team that has trailed and tried to block GBM and his entourage in Northern province.
He is one of the PF cadres that undressed UPND members in Kasama during President Lungu’s visit.
The cadre  has injured a lot of UPND cadres and is always intimidating UPND members in Kasama.
This is a clear testimony that the PF has an agenda to harm GBM even in the cells.
UPND will not sit and leave GBM’s safety into the hands of the police because PF seems to be issuing directives.
Members are on alert and watching GBM wherever he is.

The UPND media team appealed their members to be vigilant and check on each other to ensure that no PF thug reaches the UPND leader.

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