UPND youths concerned with fraudulent dealings between PF and Malawi



UPND Secretariat,


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Members of the Press.

The United Party for National Development Lusaka Province Youths and the entire party at large, shall not, and will never be silent nor silenced by the Patriotic Fronts colonial tendencies of running government. The UPND Youths would like to take this opportunity to inform the PF of our consistent resolve.

The blatant disregard and assault to the Judiciary by the PF president is a matter of great shame and alarming not only to Zambia but to the entire African continents democracy.

The abuse of power by the head of state to intimidate, threaten and prosecute the judiciary in order to protect thieving transaction by his friends in the inner circle is unacceptable and will not go unchallenged by the UPND Youths countrywide.

The Justice Minister, shamefully perpetuates this by his not well thought out pedestral remarks in the media concerning the judiciary.

The fraudulent and suspicious dealings with Malawi in the recent past has signaled our alarms and we would like to inform the PF grouping that we are watching you with vigilant eyes that our fallen comrades used in the liberation of Africa.

The paid for holiday of Justice Chikopa of Malawi by the Zambian PF Government is criminal.

We hear that the president has powers to appoint justice Chikopa as stated by President Elias Chipimo of NAREP.

What we don’t understand however, is what he is doing on Zambian soil with his fraudulent terms of reference as further reiterated by Zambian High court Judge FlugenceChisanga. The constituted tribunal headed by Chikope is illegal and a mockery to the Zambian judiciary and an insult to the intelligence of us Zambians and our Judicial System.

One would wonder whether the Patriotic Front Government is really patriotic to insinuate by its actions, that we have no competent  and honest Honorable Judges in Zambia.

Judge Chikopa must stay in Malawi and reflect on the near constitutional crisis they had in Malawi instead of fooling us by promising a fair and balanced hearing for the suspended Judges, when his mandate in Zambia is fraudulent and unethical in light of Zambian High court Judge FlugenceChisanga logical ruling.


Yours in National Interest.


Lusaka Province vice Youth Chairman


E-mail:                         [email protected].


Cc:      The UPND President

The UPND Secretary General

Foreign and Local Media.

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