UPND youths condemn PF

United party for National development youths in central province have condemned the PF for using government facilities during their ongoing intraparty wrangles.
Central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe said it was wrong for Acting President Guy Scott to be using government offices to receive applications for PF presidential aspirants. Mwanakampwe urged PF to use their secretariat or leaders’ residences for party activities and that if the trend does not end, he will mobilize youths to go and effect a citizens arrest on Dr. Scott and his cohorts.

Mwanakampwe has also urged the people of Kabwe not to trust the warring PF who have also cheated about the reopening of the Mulungushi textiles and other industries in Kabwe and elsewhere.

The youth leader said only UPND under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema had the right vision for Zambia’s development and unity because of the consistency and stability in the party.

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