UPND youths in Lusaka happy with expulsion of Monde

22nd February 2013


Fellow Comrades.

Once again the United Party for National Development UPND, has demonstrated its unwavering resolve to tirelessly fight the evils that impose hardships, hunger, hopelessness and despair on the lives of the majority ordinary Zambians.

The expulsion of the dishonorable Monde, signifies the resolve of the UPND to inculcate discipline, commitment, loyalty and sacrifice for the party that truly speaks for the marginalized, neglected poor people of this country that is endowed in richness but the majority of its people live in abject poverty.

Mr. Monde chose to sellout and fallout of the struggle to fight for a better Zambia for all, through the UPND to join a club that dines and wines on the top ivory tower with those that take food from the mouths of hungry and ordinary Zambian men women and children. This act of treachery is immoral and shameful.

His decision to join a club that has lost its direction, relevance to the majority youth, that creates unnecessary expensive bye elections in the wake of meallie meal shortages, looming hunger with the failed farming season, dilapidated health system and infrastructure and rampant killings of youths due to lack of police presence. He has decided to sleep with people who abrogate the constitution in a wholesale fashion. This is a reflection of Mr. Monde’s character, values and moral standing.

As Lusaka Province Youths, we welcome the overdue extermination of Monde from our ranks and file. His choice to abandon the people of Itezyi-Tezhi will hound him.

I thank you.


Masheke Muyunda


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