UPND youths tell Kabimba to concentrate on what PF knows best: telling lies



UPND Secretariat,

Lagos Roads,

Rhodes Park / Lusaka.

Fellow country men and women of this great republic of Zambia. Once again, the Patriotic Front grouping has made pedestal and illogical statement and accusations against the focused and orderly United Party For National Development.

Mr.Wynter Kabimba, General Secretary of the declining PF, in support of the haphazard and non-consultative re-alignment of government ministries by the transitional PF government uttered senseless and childish statements against the UPND as captured the Zambian Watchdog, Kabimba claims that we as the UPND fail to adapt to the current scenario and atmosphere. Hence our declining fortunes.

As the United Party for National Development Youths of Lusaka Province, we are rubbishing Mr Kabimba’s No Plan sentiments. Mr Kabimba has no moral right to talk about the UPND and should therefore; concentrate of his declining party as a result of cheating the people of Zambia. The UPND is focused and has a clear written plan on how we will govern this country in 2016 and beyond. We do not subscribe to the PF’s chameleonist policy of running government were you change from one direction to the other just in order to suite the environment and an individual.

Prior to the 2011 elections, it was fashionable for Mr. Kabimba and his outfit to promise windfall tax, more jobs for Zambians and not just for their friends and relatives and relatives of friends, the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement, reducing the size of central government and a continued fight against corruption.

All these promises were made to cheat the Zambians to give the PF a vote. The PF had no intentions whatsoever to fulfil these promises as evidenced by their style and way of running government. As Mr Kabimba has stated, the PF was just trying to adapt to the current cries and aspirations of the Zambian people.

Today, The Patriotic Front has abandoned the aspirations of the people and adapted to the cries and needs of the under paying foreign mining investors and the cream and sweet of the top ivory tower where they rub shoulders with the high and mighty colonialists. Mr Kabimba and PF have chosen to adapt to luxuries and forsaken the poor people of this country.

Zambia is not a game park where you have No Plan of doing things on a daily basis. The UPND is resolved and focused to deliver to the Zambian people their hopes and aspirations of a better Zambia for all its citizens, through prudent and efficient utilization of government resources.

The dictatorial decrees of aligning and re aligning of Districts, Provinces, Ministries and Ministers are counterproductive, and must come to an end.


UPND Lusaka Province vice Youth Chairman.                          E-mail: [email protected]

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