UPND,NAREP pledge to revamp education sector

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Chairperson Joseph Mushalika has reiterated his party’s commitment to revamping the education b sector if ushered into office after the September 20 polls.

In a discussion program on radio phoenix, Mushalika said there is need to implement policies that will support early childhood education so that the youth are developed from a tender age.

He noted with that education does not exist in the country it is only schooling that citizens practice as most of them cannot apply the knowledge they acquired in the classroom when they are in society.

Mushalika, who is also NAREP aspiring candidate for Chilanga Constituency, said the nation is sick as it development is retarded and his party will ensure it initiates Zambia’s healing process.

Meanwhile, adviser to United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, Douglas Syakalima says his party is committed to improving the education standards in the country as education is the life blood of a nation.

Syakalima said UPND appreciates the fact that education brings about self reliance and independence which can help foster national development.

He noted that employees in the education sector must be well looked after so that in turn they will deliver the services required of them.

Syakalima further said in the event that his party emerges victorious it will work towards ensuring there is education for all as the nation can only attain meaningful economic growth if  a large number of its citizens are literate.

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