‘UPND/PF will take Chiluba back to court’

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has threatened to take former president Dr. Frederick Chiluba back to court once the UPND/PF pact comes into power.

The UPND has also threatened to withhold Dr. Chiluba’s benefits because of his alleged involvement in active politics.

UPND Vice President for Administration Richard Kapita says it is unfortunate that the courts have thrown out Dr. Chiluba’s cases regardless of the overwhelming evidence against him.

Mr. Kapita says the UPND/PF pact will ensure that the former head of state answers for all his wrong doings and account for the public resources he is alleged to have plundered.

Speaking t a press briefing in Lusaka today Mr. Kapita said the UPND/PF pact government will ensure that Dr. Chiluba stops getting his pensions because of his alleged involvement in active politics.

He said the pact was aware that the former head of state was being used by government to campaign for the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

And Mr. Kapita has warned outspoken Namwala Member of Parliament, Major Robbie Chizyuka of stern action if he does not stop attacking the party over its decision to form a pact with the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Kapita explained that the UPND’s decision to form a pact with the Patriotic Front was done after wide consultations with the general party membership and that the National Management Committee (NMC), except for Major Chizyuka endorsed the idea.

He said the initiative was good because splitting of votes by the fragmented opposition political parties had helped the MMD to always win the polls.

Mr. Kapita challenged Major Chizyuka to go ahead and re-contest the Namwala parliamentary seat if his claims of popularity are true.

At the same press briefing, UPND vice president for politics Francis Simenda accused the MMD government of planning to rig the 2011 polls by secretly issuing the National Registration Cards to MMD members in areas where the ruling party is not popular.

Mr. Simenda said the UPND was also aware of the false voter population being projected by government.
He alleged that for Western province, government has projected 400,000 eligible voters, while in Eastern Province where the party is said to be popular, 839,000 people will be eligible to vote.

Mr. Kapita claimed that according to the document obtained by the party, only 372,000 voters will participate in North Western Province.

He said the Zambian people will not be stopped from changing government because they are ready for the exercise.

The opposition wants Chiluba back in this court

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