UPND’s first priority will be to dismantle debt accumulated by PF

UPND’s first priority will be to dismantle debt accumulated by PF

UPND to prioritize dismantling of outstanding areas for civil servants, especially police officers

We are saddened to learn, that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has failed to discharge the settling allowances of several police officers dating back to several years now.

We note that the periodic transferring of police officers, while may be necessary from time to time, does put a lot of pressure on the individual officers and their families as they look to adjust to life in new locations and therefore the timely discharge of their settling allowances should always be treated as a matter of both urgency and priority.

We have also noted with concern, the lack of meritocaracy progression for police officers who continue to serve in lower ranks, despite them having attained higher education qualifications.

It is shocking that the PF government prioritized the acquisition of weapons as a way of motivating the works of our police officers, rather than focussing on the human development of officers through promotions and investment in quality training for them.

The UPND is promising and committing to prioritizing the total return to professionalism in the police service and ensuring that our police officers are correctly rewarded and compensated for their services and sacrifice to our people and country.

Issued: Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
15 May 2021.

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