UPND’s Katuka, Masebo In SA to fundraise

UPND’s Katuka, Masebo In SA to fundraise

UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka and Chairperson for Elections Silver Masebo and a horde of UPND cadres are in South Africa to ostensibly ‘map out a strategy to raise resources for the 2021 General Elections.’

According a press statement released by Bizwell Mutale, the sponsor and main person of this event, the meeting also explored mechanism of mobilizing youths and women as a “catalyst for youths and women to create condition for a revolution as happened recently in Algeria and Sudan.”

Bizwell Mutale is said to be the chairperson of the UPND South Africa Branch.

The meeting was held at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, one of the most expensive spots in Southern Africa.

UPND National Youth Chairman Likando Mufalali, UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe, UPND SA Trustee Macenje Mazoka and UPND SA Secretary General Ishmael Chingobe we’re in attendance.

According to the statement, the theme of the indaba hovers on and around the strategy of mobilising resources for the 2021 Presidential election.

The Conference also explored initiatives that should make the youth and the women’s catalyst for “revolution as has occurred recently in Algeria and Sudan.”

The meeting called on members to heighten their readiness as “the economic crisis and hardship” in Zambia created an atmosphere that could even “bring forward the 2021 Presidential and General Election.”

Musicians Caveman and Zack were on hand to entertain the delegates of the Conference.

But critics are wondering why people who are fundraising should spend more than half a million South African Rands on a meeting to discuss fundraising.

For example, Sandton Convention Centre is a very expensive venue. Just booking the venue, lunch and teas is about R500,000. Even if you get a discount, it can never be more than 15%. Then there are plane tickets for Katuka , Masebo, Kangombe and 20 youths. These also needed accommodation in hotels, and hotels at Sandton start at 2000 rands per night.

We understand all this money was paid by Bizwell Mutale. What is he up to? Where does he get this kind of money from? Is this not the same Bizwell Mutale who is a business partner of former UPND vice- President Geoffrey Mwamba?

Why is Mutale talking about Sudan uprising in Zambia? Is this the official position of UPND? Is Bizwell not trying to implicate the UPND into some PF trap?

So after spending this amount of money, how much did they raise?

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