Upped retirement age creates chaos in govt – ZCTU

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) secretary-general Cosmas Mukuka says confusion has rocked some Government departments where workers who retired at 55 years have started returning demanding reinstatement because of the raised retirement age to 65 years.
Mr Mukuka said workers who were promoted following retirement of people who had attained the age of 55, especially those in management positions, have been asked to revert to their old positions resulting in confusion among workers.
Mr Mukuka said this in a statement released yesterday.
“Government should have provided for a transitional period during which such changes should have been effected because of the emotional feelings attached to such changes,” he said.
Mr Mukuka said Government should deal with the confusion so that some officers are not left depressed and unable to perform effectively.
He said there is need for Government to ensure the situation is resolved amicably.
“Workers who were to retire in December 2014, and January and February 2015 were written to by Government and given three months’ notice but in the process, a statutory instrument extending retirement age from 55 to 65 years was signed by Government,” Mr Mukuka said.
He said Government should consider reducing the mandatory retirement age to 60 years instead of 65 while 55 years can be used as an optional age for those wishing to retire.
Mr Mukuka said there is an anomaly for public officers who contribute to the Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) and those contributing to the National Pension Scheme (NAPSA) because the two Acts provide for different retirement ages.
“Those contributing to NAPSA are expected to retire at 55 years while those contributing to PSPF are expected to retire at 65 years. This is a serious anomaly,” he said.

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