UPPZ leader Chanda withdraws from ‘biased’ National Dialogue Forum

Mr Chanda

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) president Charles Chanda has withdrawn his participation from the ongoing National Dialogue Forum (NDF) accusing its chairperson Prof Muyunda Mwanalushi of biasness.

Mr Chanda was incensed after Prof Mwanalushi stopped him from raising concerns on a matter that was earlier debated but later on the chairperson allowed Justice Minister Given Lubinda to raise issues on a matter that was debated yesterday.
He accused Prof Mwanalushi of being biased charging that PF aligned delegates were being given more time to debate.
Mr Chanda later told Journalists outside that the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) will produce a sham of a constitution.

The National Dialogue Forum has meanwhile banned delegates from holding press briefings within the grounds of Mulungushi International Conference Centre where it is meeting from.

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