US $11 billion in 6 months?



Mutati must be arrested and Edgar Lungu impeached for concealing Zambia’s actual external debt position.

Like you correctly pointed out; and thanks for always having a keen eye that misses nothing, how did Zambia acquire close to $11 billion in less than six months?

From 2006, upto December 2015, Zambia only acquired $6.9 billion, but in less six months we acquired more than $10 billion? How and how?

It’s a pity that the Parliament was only attended by dunderheads and thieves from PF because surely someone should have queried Mutati on this. This is one of the biggest if not the biggest scandal in Zambia’s history.

Can Mutati explain which lender gave Zambia that more than $10 billion between last December and now? And if Zambia received that kind of money in the past 5 months, why do we need the $1.3 billion from the IMF?

This clearly shows that the PF has been lying and concealing debt all this time. There is no one who gave Zambia $10 billion in the past 6 months. Felix Mutati must resign and be arrested immediately.

Where is the civil society and students unions of this country ?

A Brazilian president was recently impeached for lying about the budget and debts but in Zambia people can even hardly notice?

“Mr Speaker, Zambia’s external debt stock as at the end of May 2017 increased to US $ 17.2 billion from US $ 6.9 billion in December 2016. The increase on stock was on account of new disbursements. The domestic debt stock was 38.6 billion in May 2017 compared to 33 billion in December 2016,’ that is what Mutati said.


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