US$ 210m CCTV equipment for Lusaka scandal is pure Satanism

Dearest editor,

After trying so very hard, I’m still unable to understand why the PF Government wants poor Zambian taxpayers to fork out about US$ 210 Million for installation of CCTV equipment in our tiny city of Lusaka.

For so many hours, I’ve been trying to compare our Lusaka with Johannesburg and with every passing minute, I get more and more frustrated with every finding.

You will be surprised or shocked to learn that Johannesburg city only spent around R42millon (About K40million) to install its ‘high-tech’ CCTV systems and knowing South African standards, I do have an idea what the South African Bureau for Standards would approve as ‘High-

Tech’. Comparing the size and activities of the above mentioned cities, it does not have to take a tribalist or hater to figure out that our leaders want to rob us and bafuna kubela pakulu bamambala!

Johannesburg’s metropolitan area alone, with a population of about 8million carries more than half of our country’s entire population, the tiny Gauteng province, whose commercial center is Johannesburg has registered more vehicles than Zambia and Zimbabwe combined.

Johannesburg is the world’s largest city not located on a river lake or coast and the city is ranked 47 on the list of 50 most commercially active in the world but yet they were able to install high-tech CCTV systems for only R42 million? What sort of CCTV technology is the PF trying to install in our bush town that would cost poor people over 200 million United States dollars? These are crimes against humanity. Pure Satanism.

Lucas Limbani Zulu



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