US govt takes over treatment of Sata, Chikwanda was opposed to the trip

US govt takes over treatment of Sata, Chikwanda was opposed to the trip

Latest information indicate that highly specialised American doctors have now taken over the treatment of the Zambian president Michael Sata at his Palace Hotel in New York, United States of America.

And the Zambianwatchdog understands that Sata’s uncle who is also the Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was totally opposed to president Sata travelling to New York, the United States of America in his current poor health condition.

Highly placed sources from New York indicate that the American government has now taken over the treatment of the Zambian Head of State.

“I can confirm he is still alive. But his condition is 50:50. He is slightly worse than he left the country for the United Nations General Assembly. Put your president in prayers. If he gets slightly better, he will be moved to the hospital,” highly placed American government sources have disclosed.

Even New York Deputy Police Chief Kim Royster confirmed that the Zambian president was undergoing intensive medical treatment at the hotel.

And it has since emerged that Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was opposed to the president travelling to the US in the current poor health condition.

Sources within government have disclosed that there was a heated debate among senior government officials when the trip was being arranged because the uncle was totally opposed and even refused to act as president.

“Chikwanda had opposed the trip. He had suggested that someone represents him. But then even vice-president Guy Scott refused and said he was too tired. But there was the option of Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba representing Zambia. But some other senior people within the PF government insisted that since Scott had refused, Sata should himself travel. Even when Chikwanda was finally over-ruled and resolved that the president travels, Sata wanted him (Chikwanda) to act as president but he refused and instead suggested that Defence Minister Edgar Lungu acts. He openly told people that he was too old and did not want to go through what former president Rupiah Banda went through. You know there are also issues of allowances during a presidential trip that some people find more important than Sata’s health,” sources said.

Sources said first lady Christine Kaseba would equally have prevailed over her husband but she was keen on travelling as well because she had several engagements in New York.

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