USA authorities searches for Patricia Mubanga in Zambia, issues red alert

Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Mr. Maxwell Nkole has confirmed that a United States Court has issued a Warrant of Arrest against a Zambian Female, Patricia Mubanga Chisanga, for crimes she committed whilst working for a Medical Equipment Company in the United States.

In a statement availed to the media by the Ministry Head of Public Relations Mr. Moses Suwali, Mr. Nkole said that the Zambian Female identified as Patricia Mubanga Chisanga has been put on ‘INTERPOL RED ALERT following the issuance of a Warrant of Arrest for defrauding Medicaid, a U.S. Government Health Care Benefit Programme from January 2008 to March 2011 in the District of Columbia involving a total amount of US$ 1,062,370.

“Chisanga whilst acting together with the owner of the Medical Equipment Company altered documentation received from physicians to make it appear as if physicians requested expensive wheel chairs and other supplies for their patients when infact not,” revealed Mr. Nkole.

Mr. Nkole stated that Chisanga allegedly used a Faxsimile to send falsified physicians’ orders for more expensive wheel chairs for which medicaid paid Chisanga’s company over US$12,000. Additionally, Chisanga and others is allegedly to be responsible for fraudulent submissions to medicaid of US$525,185 as well as fraudulent submissions to said company of over US$480,272 for false wheelchair claims and over US$44,913 for uncontrolled supplies that were never delivered to Medicaid beneficiaries.

“In a letter written by the United States of America (USA) Government to the Zambian Government dated 12th December, 2012, the United States has requested the Zambian government to arrest and extradite the accused person for four offences which include Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud; False Statements relating to Health Care and Wire Fraud,” said Mr. Nkole.

He said that a Warrant of Arrest of Patricia Mubanga Chisanga was issued on 7th November, 2012 by the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia in the United States of America and this warrant remains into force and effect. Further, an INTERPOL RED ALERT together with an indictment and written depositions setting out the action to be taken once the fugitive is traced have been availed to the Ministry of Home Affairs,” said the Permanent Secretary.

The Permanent Secretary has passed all the documents to the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani to trace the suspect in conjunction with the department of Immigration. He has since advised Ms Chisanga to own up and report herself to Police Headquarters CID or any nearest police station if she does not want to be published in the press as a wanted person.

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