USA embassy compiling report on Sata’s humiliation of George Bush

USA embassy compiling report on Sata’s humiliation of George Bush

The United States Embassy in Lusaka is compiling a report on the humiliation of their former president George W. Bush by Zambian president Michael Sata, the Watchdog has been informed.

And the Watchdog understands that Sata’s sudden attack on Bush could be linked to a visit by a Zimbabwean minister at State House the day before Sata attacked Bush.

When Bush paid a courtesy call on Sata at State House, Sata told him from nowhere that his visit was payback time for colonialists.

Before Bush arrived at State House, Sata complained to United States public affairs officer Priscilla Hernandez that he did not like being kept waiting.

Bush was about 15 minutes late as he drove from Kabwe.
“I cannot be waiting here. He Bush is former president; he is not the current president of the United States so I cannot be waiting for him. I’m not an American for me to be waiting for him, and I don’t intend to be an American,” President Sata told Hernandez as Bush’s security kept communicating with their colleagues who were with Bush on their way to State House.

“The young man is lucky that he is the first American leader to have brought money to Africa through his Millennium Challenge Account; that’s why I’m standing here. Otherwise if it was somebody else, I would have handed him over to one of my ministers to meet him.”

But Sata’s attack on Bush has not gone well with the USA.

The embassy is said to be compiling a report for submission to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Other information received by the Watchdog indicate that Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe sent one of his ministers to meet Sata on Tuesday or Wednesday morning just before Bush was scheduled to meet Sata.

The name of the minister is not yet known and what they discussed is not yet known except that the Zimbabwean minister delivered a message.

When George W. Bush visited Zambian in December 2011, President Michael sata made an impromptu visit to the border town of Livingstone where he met with Robert Mugabe.

That time Sata denied that his suddent meeting with Mugabe had anything to do with Bush’s visit.

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