USA to continue giving aid to Zambia-envoy

United State of America (USA)’s Ambassador to Zambia, Mark Storella has pledged that his country will continue giving financial aid to Zambia and Africa despite the results of the mid-term elections in America.
Mr. Storella said that the loss of majority control in the House of Representative by the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama will not have any impact on US foreign policy.
Speaking in an interview with Emmanuel Mwamba on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s mid-morning show on Saturday, Mr. Storolla said his government will continue to support programs in the health sector especially the provision of ARVs, Tuberculosis and Malaria drugs to hospitals.
He reiterated that President Obama still controlled the Senate and it was tradition in their politics that despite the loss of any control in Congress, a bi-partisan arrangement and consensus would be worked out to tackle critical domestic and foreign policies.
Ambassador Storolli also urged Zambians to prepare and participate in next year’s elections. He stated that in elections, every vote counted and it was important that Zambians had a say in their government by participating in national elections.
Ambassador Storolla also thanked President Rupiah Banda for accepting his diplomatic credentials and hailed the warmth and friendliness of Zambians given to foreigners like himself.
On 2nd November, the USA held midterm elections. Midterm elections are held every two years after the election of the President, to form Congress which consists of legislative bodies. The lower house is called the House of Representative and the upper house is called the Senate.
President Barack Obama lost majority control of the House of Representative but still retains control of the senate.
Mark Charles Storella is the USA 16th Ambassador to the Republic of Zambia and was confirmed on August 5th 2010

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