Useless PF MPs plead for more time, as people demand their resignation

Following the rejection of the ruling PF in the recent Katuba by elections, pressure has mounted on the two useless PF MPs in Kabwe to fulfill their campaign promises, members of the community are unhappy about the low development in the town and are calling for them to step down.

“The unemployment levels in Kabwe are very high, Mulungushi textiles has not been opened, the fake road contractors only came with a pocket of their workers from Lusaka and the only employers are Lebanese fast foods, we want the MPs to step down so that we use the Katuba formula also,” said a group of youths found at the constituency offices.

But Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga told the local KNC radio station that people of Kabwe must exercise somepatience and give them more time as ‘the game was not yet over’ while his Kabwe central counterpart James Kapyanga has fled the constituency for fear of attacks.

Tempers in the former mining town remain high among people especially those who voted for the PF in the 2011 general elections. President Sata recently labelled his party’s MPs as being useless.

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