‘Useless Times of Zambia board must go’

Dear Editor,
We the concerned workers at the Times of Zambia want government to do something about that useless board and the pathetic management team which is leading us nowhere.

Look at the progress the Zambia Daily Mail is making but they haven’t been recapitalized by government, so what’s wrong with us, you may ask? It’s that poor management being led by a PF cadre called Chishimba Chishimba. Surely how can the board allow a diploma holder in this age to act as MD?

What makes matters worse is that he is surrounded by dull and thieving managers called Derick Bwalya (the director of finance who is known for stealing company money), fat maggot Gertrude Kabezia (the commercial director who still behaves like the stenographer that she was), fake pastor Mark Nyasulu who can’t even spell his own name but poses as sales and marketing manager, and the ugly Jean Mwanza who is human resource manager but her heart is ugly just like her face. There is also Constance Mbewe the advertising manager who has no clue about business. She only got the job through connections with the useless former deputy MD Nicky Shabolyo. We used to see them here in Lusaka hanging out together.

My God, these people are milking Times Printpak dry, especially that Derick who is even building blocks of flats when workers are not being paid. The company has not been audited for years yet that useless board only appears when there is a strike to threaten workers. Their friends at the Daily Mail are busy working with management and workers to bring up innovations and everyone can see the results.

That diploma holder who has been allowed to act as MD even had guts to go to the US for the general assembly when other media institutions sent junior personnel. He’s very overzealous and wants to please his masters so that he is confirmed even with his poor academic record, shame on him. That can be the joke of the century having an MD of a parastatal with a diploma. Chishimba has just been shouting at us in meetings and treating us like kids. He has no managerial skills at all.

The fat cow Kabezia has no clue about running a commercial department, so guys as long as she remains there let’s forget about competing with the mighty Daily Mail where there are people with fresh ideas.

The minister of information must also realise that journalists have failed to run the State media, let people like us in other fields try. But we are not saying you promote Derick Bwalya because the company will be totally on its knees. He’s not another Bryson Mumba who has managed to drive the Daily Mail safely to recovery. We need a new MD with fresh ideas (and independent from these corrupt managers) so that we can be saved from the embarrassment of always being visited by bailiffs.

Dr Katema recapitalizing Times of Zambia is not enough. Get rid of that toothless board and boot out that useless management first. We need madam Chifungula and the ACC to move into Times of Zambia which is being milked by a small group of some idiots while we are watching and our families are starving.


(Please Editor name of sender must be withheld, otherwise help us)

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