Useless Youth March

Young Zambians have never been more educated, and paradoxically, never more unemployed. Most high paying jobs go to the old and the foreign,
the rest are poorly paying, if you are lucky enough to even have one!

The youth need jobs, but marching up and down this youth day will not create them. What will are policies that support new businesses,
private public partnerships, research and affirmative action.
Apprenticeships and enforcement of meritocracies for excellence in work quality and ethic will also create jobs and put Zambia on the
map. These ideas are well known, but are not being adopted!

Our past teaches us how new ideas are adopted. Was it was not the young men and women of the 50’s and 60’s who collectively dreamt of an
independent and educated country? Was it not the united youth of the 80’s and 90’s who bravely protested against economic mismanagement,
food shortages, cholera and an insipid dictatorship?

We must be grateful for these stone throwing revolutions that shattered the glass ceilings of white supremacy and socialist one party politics. They
brought back the ability to own property, businesses, free trade and multi-party politics!

It is clear that the youth marching down Independence Avenue on March 12th year after year will never bring change. Saluting past the very
people who will not embrace and implement meaningful youth employment policies is counter-productive and will never address the youth’s
challenges, which right now is job creation!

Kupela Clarke

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