Useless ZCID crumbjes further, says MMD

Useless ZCID crumbjes further, says MMD


The statement attempting to clean up the waffling by Zambia Center for Inter party Dialogue (ZCID) as regards the correct position of the Leadership of our party the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) is quiet frankly a useless one. It lacks depth and logic of any sort. But like we said, ZCID is irrelevant and Moribund. They are now admitting that there are court documents that they have had sight of in the process.

Who is asking them to interpret Court documents? Certainly not us. We understood quite early that they are incapable of making sense of this. They use another standard at ZCID.

It’s not even about the records that are at the registrar of societies office, because if indeed they had, they would have known that she has received notification of court action regarding the MMD long ago.

Maybe we can help them by using illustrations and metaphors to understand this. Say, there is a house on sale and you encounter one seller who claims that their name is on the title, and just then, another person with interest in the house appears with a court document alleging that the house is equally his and that the purported seller has illegally changed names on the title, how would they logically proceed? would they ignore that and say, we are just looking at the name on the title? That is the logic here.

But of course our conclusion is correct that this is an institution that has been taken over by political patronage and have no capacity to be neutral in any situation. That is why they are so distrusted by other political players.

The issue here is that if they can’t interpret a simple word as litigation, then how can they unbundle the huge terms used in conflict resolution? Can they seriously occupy the chairman’s seat in an Interparty dialogue and be expected to be neutral? We doubt it very much.

Why are they insisting on deciding on the leadership of our party. We offered them a very reasonable interim solution. Exempt the MMD from your midst until we resolve the issues. It is very important for ZCID to do this, because they are not just another ordinary institution, they exist for political parties harmonious existence. This is supposed to be their natural turf.

We respectfully beg to differ with ZCID.

For Morality and Integrity


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