Using dead people’s details, PF scheming to rig elections

A system where details of the deceased people who are being reported at voter registration centre will be used to duplicate entry so that the same people are captured on the voters roll but in a different town and polling station.

Currently ECZ have intensified calls for people with deceased relatives to surrender the details of the deceased to voter registration officers and on the other hand government is collecting data on deaths in government hospitals which will be cross checked with the voter register and then do the manipulation.

An Intelligence source attached to the Electoral Commission of Zambia has disclosed that a Mr. Chinyama of UNZA Information Technology department has been engaged in the scheme. The same Chinyama was attached to the ECZ during the January 2015 election which President Lungu fraudulently won by a slight margin.

“Never before have there been such intensified calls for deceased voters and all this which you are seeing is because they want to capture as much data on the deceased as possible. On parallel they are also getting data from government hospitals and later correlate it with the voter register so that these ghost voters will be registered into another completely different polling station in a completely different district,” said the source.

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