Using dry bones to fight corruption

Using dry bones to fight corruption


We as People’s Party are happy with the position and pronouncements made by the Patriotic Front (PF) government regarding corruption fight in the country. But we are not sure whether the team that have been assembled for the same purpose has the capacity to deliver. Our doubt is centred on some personalities the president included in his team to help him fight corruption. We feel some of these people are more of a hindrance to the cause than of a help.

If we look back in history, we will find that, some personalities we are referring to as a hindrance to the fight against corruption were in the team that wasted $8million in the infamous Task force on corruption. The auditor general’s report is there to attest to this fact and nothing was done to compel these people to account for the money they abused.

To make the matter worse, there was nothing tangible that was realised from the colossal sum of money that was pumped in the corruption fight. The people that donated that money towards the cause expected to see tangible results. To the annoyance of many of us, the group lamentably failed forcing public out cry which led to the dissolution of the Task Force on Corruption.

Our party is on record of even having demonstrated at the British High Commission demanding for an audit investigation to be carried out on the disbanded Task Force which has resurfaced again under the PF government. This demand still stands. If the PF will sit on this issue please be assured that future governments will probe the injustices which the people President Sata has embraced did.

When all these things were happening, President was in the opposition leading the largest opposition political party in the country now the ruling party. He was equally not happy that, people that were tasked to fight corruption on behalf of the people failed to deliver. At one time he was in fact a victim of the persecution which was perpetuated at that time.

We are not surprised that, the president Sata is looking back on what others have “vomited” and use the same vomit as reliable force to help him fight corruption. This was expected and we knew it from the word go that it will happen some day. As expected, the president has without remorse gone to get what others have rejected.

What the president has done speaks volumes. He has no confidence in the people that laboured to usher PF in government. That is the reason why he went to go into the archive to exhume dry bones which he expect will perform miracles.  This is an expectation too high for the PF government. There is no miracle in this modern age that that can make dry bones functions again.

We strongly feel that, the Church cannot be blamed. We are dealing with the situation where evil seem to be taking an upper hand. The people that are supposed to correct the situation do nothing to remedy the situation.

Our advice to the nation is that let us take proactive stance on issues that affect us as a people. We have already seen that, the PF government have recycled people that failed to perform their duties as corruption fighter on be half of government. What came out of this fight was disaster. It is even difficult to explain how a person can use such huge sum of money and yield nothing. These are the people this government have entrusted to fight corruption.

Unless we the people stand up to redeem ourselves, we will continue to live under the leadership of people that have failed us in the past. To be candid, PF has nothing to offer because it is composed of people that failed the nation in the past. These people regrouped and came to form another organisation which they called Patriotic Front. There is nothing new about it apart from the name which they have appended to it.

In order for people to understand what we are talking about here, we shall give an example of the current president Mr. Sata who, at the time MMD was in its youth stage, he was the third most important and powerful person. It was during this time when many workers were being retrenched.

If Mr. Sata was a caring person as he calls himself to be. He could have advised president Chiluba to do something about the plight of workers who upon being retired, they were not given their terminal benefits. As though this is not enough, when president Sata become president, we presented a petition to him with the hope that, he will form an enquiry to look into why people that contributed to the wellbeing of this nation were not paid.

Mr. Sata held the most influence position in the MMD government which failed to provide jobs to young people at the time he served in government. At the time, Mr. Sata left MMD, there millions of young people that were employed as a result of failure by the government Mr. Sata worked for to create jobs for them.

The sad part of it is that, the boys and girls which the MMD under Mr. Sata’s tutelage failed to provide jobs were 16 years. These people looked forward get the benefits of labour at that time. But government failed to do its job. These teenagers instead were left to be looked after by their parents whom the same government neglected by way of not helping them get their benefits.

When Mr. Sata decided to leave the MMD, he promised that he will look after all these people by creating jobs for them, paying their parents the money which the government he worked for failed to pay. What does he do now; he goes in the political archive to exhume people with questionable political backgrounds and give them jobs. Most the people he has targeted are those whom he worked within the MMD which failed to deliver. This given reason to doubt as to how Sata is going to deliver when he has surrounded himself with a clique of MMD failures.

We have said before and we are going to say it again. Sata does not have an agenda for this nation. This is the reason he has surrounded himself with political failure. Many of which he worked with in his days in UNIP, MMD and now he has brought them to his new slaughter pot called PF. We need to serve this country from such political charlatans. We suggest, the best method is to go the way of federal system of governance.

We wish to remind the people that, we are agitating for federal system of government to avoid from the Sata type of politics which is bent on fault finding and witch-hunting. We want people to be active in national development. We feel people can do better is development is divorced from the politics of name calling. It is time we broke away from the tag of being spectators. We want our people to be actors in their own country.

We wish also like to inform the people that, we will be making our submission on to the technical committee the inclusion of federal system of government in the new constitution. We believe, we cannot have new things with the old system. We want our new constitution to have a provision of the federal system of government.

Issued by:

Mr. Sakala Edwin

National Coordinator

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