Using MTN mobile money is risky

Dear editor, allow me to kindly use your well known and followed platform to air my grievance against MTN Zambia.

On 6th July,2021 I wrongly sent a k2,000 through my mobile number to another number and I immediately called MTN customer care 111 and a reversal was done immediately and to that effect, I received a confirmation message. I was told also the money would take 48hrs to reflect in my mobile money Account but to no avail upto now , a month and some days later.

I have made various calls to MTN,used their local shop here in my location but to no avail.I have written letters and letters to MTN and they have confirmed receipt but my money has not yet reflected upto now.

Where has MTN taken my k2,000 ? Why put a service which you can’t run efficienctly?

I have been inconvenienced by this issue especially in this hard economy.

Through this experience, I wouldn’t encourage any of my family members to trust MTN and I am appealing to ZICTA to look into this matter because a lot of people have been inconvenienced by this deplorable service.

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